Most Influential Women Q&A: Patricia Luscombe, Lincoln International

How has a mentor helped your career?

Ron Kahn, who coheads both Lincoln International’s Debt Advisory Group and Valuations & Opinions Group, and is on the firm’s senior executive committees. Ron is a terrific role model, extremely dedicated and committed to helping the middle markets through the firm’s advisory services, and developing female leadership. He has been instrumental in making introductions to many investors and funds focused on the middle market and in need of valuation services, but more importantly, his confidence in me has fueled my drive for continued professional growth.

What is your current role?

Co-head the firm’s valuations & opinions group which provides quarterly valuation services to a majority of the public and private BDCs, global multi-strategy asset managers, private equity and credit funds reflecting approximately $50 billion in middle market debt and equity investments. Responsible for working with clients and their boards of directors, in addition to marketing to new clients. Actively engage with Managing Director colleagues to maximize opportunities to introduce valuation services into client relationships and/or identify opportunities to add value to the firm’s client roster. Member of the U.S. Management Committee. Also, focused on recruiting, training and mentoring a diverse team, including many women.

Describe your influence on the middle market.

As so much of middle market lending activities have shifted from banks to alternative non-bank lenders, the investments of such alternative capital providers require regular valuations. These valuations are important as they determine the net asset values of fund clients and are thus one input to impact a fund’s capital raising success. I have been on the forefront of developing best practices for these valuations and have spoken frequently at conferences and with clients, on valuation topics. I have also been involved in the development of both the Lincoln Middle Market Index (LMMI), a first-of-its-kind index to measure value of private companies, as well as our proprietary database which aggregates financial, valuation and credit information across all of my team’s valuation activities (nearly 1,400 companies). Both the LMMI and database provide terrific insights into the health of middle market companies and provide important visibility to organizations for benchmarking.