Most Influential Women Q&A: Meghan Jodz, Grant Thornton

Describe a recent deal.

In January 2018, I served as tax advisor to the Rodale family in the $200M sale of its health-and-wellness-focused publishing company. I helped the family transition a business that began in the post-WWII era by J.I. Rodale, the grandfather of organic farming. The deal was not only significant from the family’s perspective but it also highlighted a transformative time in publishing when companies needed to modernize in order to compete.

Describe a challenge you overcame.

When my children were young, I was faced with the decision to continue advancing my career, remain in my existing role or pause my career. I talked to colleagues and clients and realized I could have both an incredible family and satisfying career. I also recently became a breast cancer survivor. Through the love and devotion of my family and Grant Thornton’s support, I overcame one of the scariest things I have ever faced.

How do you support women?

I’m always receptive to networking and mentoring opportunities, especially when women in our industry approach seeking advice. Rather than thinking of other women as competitors, I find myself gravitating toward them. It is incredibly important for me to go out of my way to collaborate with women in our industry and to serve as a mentor to young women, helping them realize that they too can thrive in this industry.