Most Influential Women Q&A: Justine Mannering, Stifel

How has a mentor helped your career?

I have been very lucky throughout my career to have not just mentors but sponsors. I was particularly lucky to work with Euan Rellie who was a mentor and a sponsor at BDA Partners (where I was from 2011 – 2017). Euan is a successful banker who co-founded BDA Partners in his late twenties and is still actively involved in deals for the firm. Euan not only encouraged me to take leadership and senior roles earlier than I might naturally looked for them, but also supported me fully in these roles and on championing internal initiatives where he knew I really believed in their success. His constant support, guidance and belief in my abilities allowed be to really find my voice and the confidence to grow into the roles I took on. I only hope that I can have half that impact on others careers in the future.

What is your current role?

I’m the Managing Director responsible for sector coverage within Apparel, Accessories, Footwear and Luxury sector for Stifel’s Consumer Investment Banking team. As an industry sector expert, I’m responsible for identifying opportunities, developing relationships in the sector, winning mandates and executing transactions. As a growing team and firm, we also focus on building awareness of our brand externally. I also mentoring and developing junior team members; and I’m actively involved and committed to our woman’s initiatives within our institutional group.

Describe your influence on the middle market.

Within my area of expertise in the Consumer sector (Personal Care and Apparel & Accessories) I have worked to establish my credentials as an expert in the sector. I am often quoted in the sector media (e.g. WWD, Business of Fashion, Sourcing Journal) and participate in industry panels and events (eg. ACG Consumer & Retail conference panel, Beauty & Money Spotlight Selection panel). These give me the opportunity to contribute both content and expertise to our clients, sector and middle market industry participants. In addition, I am actively involved with a number of influential middle market networking and development organizations including ACG (Chair of International Committee 2017, and Westchester Board Member 2013 – 2016), M&A Advisor (member of the Outlook Task Force 2018) and Exponent Women (Founding Member, 2017 – current). I am regularly asked to join panels in regard to cross-border M&A and M&A trends in New York. These networks have supported my success and I believe in working to help others achieve their success .