Business Principles

I. Excellence must always be an uncompromised hallmark of all of our activities. Mediocrity has no room at our firm.

II. We will remain fiercely loyal to our clients in good times and especially in bad times when they need us the most.

III. While our business is intense, we must be relationship oriented and personable.

IV. We believe that an extraordinary focus must be placed on the control and timing of all of our efforts.

V. We firmly believe that the value of strategy and execution must exceed the value of capital.

VI. We believe that innovation and tradition are not mutually exclusive.

VII. We will leverage technology to maximize the value of our offering – we should be able to achieve with one what many others achieve with three.

VIII. We believe that a deep knowledge of corporate finance, legal, accounting, taxation, market intelligence and human capital factors are critical to the maximization of shareholder value.

IX. We will make an unusual effort to attract and retain the best possible professionals.

X. We respect all. We have little tolerance for intolerance. We respect intelligence and integrity and require unbiased dealings with employees, customers and partners.